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“Your child is what you eat”. The campaign SPRS

The new campaign shock commissioned by the Society of Pediatrics of Rio Grande do Sul (SPRS), "Your child is what you eat"

Commissioned by the Paediatric Association of Rio Grande do Sul and created by Paim, the campaign "Your child is what you eat" is aimed at raising new mothers and is touring the world with its images.

In fact, the posters of this campaign Brazilian are much impact, represent a breastfeeding mother but the baby does not seem to suck the breast as an iced drink, a mega burger or a huge donut.

The goal of this initiative is to remind new mothers that can damage the health of their child choosing a diet rich in nutrient or harmful substances.

Experts who have promoted this campaign explained: "Your habits in the first one thousand days" of the child's life "can prevent the development of serious diseases"