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AIDS, the latest report of the Ministry of Health

The report in 2014, sent to the Parliament February 23, 2016, illustrates the activities of the Italian Ministry in the field of information, prevention, assistance and implementation of projects related to 'HIV / AIDS.

The report also reviews the activities carried out by the National Commission for the Fight against AIDS and the activities carried out by the Higher Institute of Health, in particular the initiatives in the field of surveillance of infection with HIV and AIDS, the research and telephone counseling (Phone AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases Green).

The report is prepared annually, according to Article 8, paragraph 3, of the Law of 5 June 1990 n.135.
The topics are grouped in two chapters in which they are contained, respectively, the activities of the Ministry of Health and the Institute of Health.

The cure of AIDS and HIV infections is not limited only to diagnostic, clinical and therapeutic, but it requires just as much attention to the implementation of preventive measures.
Among the first it is critical to early diagnosis, which can only be achieved through greater and especially targeted active offer of testing, promoting accessibility, as well as to be increased access to early and appropriate therapy.

Some epidemiological data

New HIV infections

AIDS cases