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Alcohol, the habits of Italians change

The phenomenon related to the consumption of alcoholic beverages in Italy, in recent years, is definitely showing a new profile compared to the last decades.

This is what emerges from the Minister of Health's Report on alcohol interventions and related problems, transmitted to Parliament on March 21, 2018, which provides an update of the epidemiological data on alcohol consumption in the Italian population in 2016 and describes prevention actions implemented by the Ministry and the Regions during 2017, to contain the phenomenon related to risky and harmful consumption of alcohol.

It increases the occasional consumption and out of meal
Faced with a reduction in wine consumption during meals, there is a progressive increase in the consumption of occasional alcoholic beverages and outside meals, a condition which is even more damaging to the diseases and related problems.
The figures for 2016 show, in fact, a decrease compared to the previous year of daily consumers, while the share of occasional consumers of alcohol has increased (from 42.2% in 2015 to 43.3% in 2016) and that of those who they drink alcohol outside meals (26.9% in 2014, 27.9% in 2015, 29.2% in 2016).

Consumers at risk
The prevalence of consumers at risk was 23.2% for men in 2016 and 9.1% for women over 11 years old, for a total of about 8,600,000 individuals (M = 6,100,000, F = 2,500,000) that in 2016 did not comply with public health claims.
The population groups most at risk for both genders are those aged 16-17 years (M = 49.3%, F = 40.0%), who should not consume alcohol and that of "young elders" (65-75 years).
Approximately 800,000 minors and 2,700,000 over sixty-five are in fact consumers at risk for alcohol-related diseases and problems. The percentage shares of consumers at risk of men are higher than those of women for all age groups, except for those of minors, where instead the differences do not reach statistical significance.

The phenomenon of binge drinking remains alarming
In the youth segment, binge drinking (taking many alcoholic units outside meals and in a short period of time) represents the most widespread and consolidated habit. In 2015 the phenomenon involved 15.6% of young people between 18 and 24 years of age, of which 22.2% were male and 8.6% were females. In 2016 the phenomenon concerns 17% of young people between 18 and 24 years of age, of which 21.8% are males and 11.7% are females.

It increases the consumption of appetizers, bitters and spirits
The trend already registered in the last 10 years is confirmed, with a progressive reduction in the share of consumers who only drink wine and beer, especially among the younger ones and women, while the share of those who consume, in addition to wine and beer, also increases. aperitifs, bitters and spirits, an increase that occurs in young and very young, but to a greater extent in adults over 44 and in the elderly.