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Approved the first national law on autism

By the Ministry of Health the changes introduced by the new Italian law on autism

"Approval during the deliberation the first national law on autism, the Health Commission of the Senate has allowed a first great practical support to thousands of citizens and their families." This was declared by the Undersecretary of Health Vito De Filippo.
"It is a measure that changes things, the result of a long and tiring - added De Filippo - built along with doctors, researchers, leaders of associations representing thousands of people affected by this syndrome. Through this policy the state will provide the first answers thanks to the inclusion in the basic levels of care treatments for 'autism. 'A modern measure because in addition to the improvement of living conditions, look to the inclusion in the social life of people with autism spectrum disorders.

Thanks to this rule comes the updated guidelines for prevention, diagnosis and treatment, the promotion of research. Today - said the undersecretary De Filippo - the National Health Service makes way ahead of where we are very proud. "

That's what the law:

Article 1 provides for measures aimed at ensuring the protection of health, improvement of living conditions and the inclusion in the social life of people with autism spectrum disorders, in accordance with the provisions of the United Nations General Assembly resolution A / RES / 67/82 of 12 December 2012 on the needs of people with autism.
Article 2 provides that the National Institute of Health to update its guidelines on the treatment of autism spectrum disorders in all ages of life on the basis of the evolution of the knowledge of the pathophysiology and treatment resulting from the scientific literature and best practices from national and international .
Article 3 provides upgrading of essential levels of care (LEA) to include, in relation to autism spectrum disorders, the benefits of early diagnosis, care and individualized treatment, through the use of tools based on the latest scientific evidence.
Article 4 provides that the Ministry of Health, within 180 days of entry into force of the Act, provide, subject to agreement in the Joint Conference, in accordance with the LEA, the updating of guidelines for the promotion and improvement the quality and appropriateness of care interventions in autism spectrum disorders. The guidelines are updated at least once every three years and the implementation thereof shall fulfill the purposes of verification of the Standing Committee on the verification of the basic levels of care.
Article 5 provides that the Ministry of Health to promote the development of research projects on the knowledge of autism spectrum disorder and the therapeutic and educational best practices.
Article 6, finally, contains the clause invariance of financial charges and provide for the implementation of the law shall not derive new or increased burdens on public finances and ensure that the relevant government departments to implement with the human, financial and instrumental available under current legislation.