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European week dedicated to Dyslexia

It lasts until 9 October, the European Week of dyslexia, designed to increase information and awareness.

A week, until October 9, to increase information and awareness about dyslexia, a disorder that affects 3% of Italian children with higher percentages, up to 10%, in other European countries, for a total of about 700 million people worldwide second-international dyslexia. They are important numbers that stimulate reflection enlarged that combines the clinical experience of specialists with the everyday learning activities involving students, teachers and parents.

Children who suffer from it have learning difficulties caused by not being able to identify letters, symbols and words, and the resulting difficulty in reading and in some cases also in writing.

The programs of initiatives, which vary from region to region, provide activities aimed at informing about the characteristics of this disorder, so that it can recognize and deal with, but also on remedies, because remedies are there!