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Food: the latest European Commission report on trans fats

Trans fats, the latest report of the European Commission indicates the need to adopt the legal limits for their use in food

The issue of trans fats is particularly acute in the last year, as even the Food and Drug decreed last June, the removal of partially hydrogenated oils within 3 years from the foods on the market in the United States. In fact, when you consider that heart disease in Europe are the leading cause of death and that a high intake of these fats increases the risk of serious heart disease, more than any other nutrient based on calorie content, it is now the clear ' importance of the topic.

To protect public health and consumer protection, the preliminary report of the European Commission suggested to set a legal limit of Trans fats that a particular food may contain. It has yet to be determined how this legal limit can be put into practice and labeling of these substances that are currently not well understood by the consumer.

The report also highlights the fact that there are some foods that vie for the particularly high levels of hydrogenated oils currently in circulation. It is also analyzed how different European measures could be effective, such as there may be potential benefits for consumers, but also any costs for food producers.