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Health, technological innovations and digital for 2016

Here is the news that we expect in the field of Health in 2016 directly from the CES in Las Vegas

With the arrival of 2016 has been much talk of new technologies on the way, thanks to the great hi-tech exhibition in Las Vegas, the CES, which officially opened its doors on January 6 and will remain open until 9. Here, companies working in innovation have presented those that could become future objects that fill our homes, offices and roads, as an example: drones, rollable displays, wine pods, refrigerators transparent, many devices for the Smart Home, virtual reality , artificial intelligence, cars equipped with radar, video sensors and lasers and, above all, the first unmanned aircraft carrying people.
Regarding Italy the data of a study by the European Commission show that the startup on the front creativity is one of the most active countries in Europe, in fact, in the last two years the Italian startup has more than doubled: they were 1,227 in 2013, today They are 2,716. Initiatives related in 50% of cases young graduates under 40 years. And that capture the environment especially as land to build enterprise. So bloom also incubators and accelerators: approximately one hundred along the boot, between public and private.
But in the field of Health? Although we are talking about innovative technologies that are preparing to land on the market.
Many are the 'gadgets' dedicated to health and fitness also presented, these, at CES 2016, such as watches, jewelery and even Braclets and smart fabrics capable of capturing strategic information, process them to provide useful information on physical activity or able to need to raise an alarm.
They are the protagonists wearable devices, similar to a smartwatch as ReliefBand that helps allievare and treat nausea in certain situations, such as pregnancy, motion sickness, seasickness and other similar diseases.
Another device is presented BioStamp Research Connect, a flexible wearable sensor that adheres to the skin a bit 'like a tattoo, to monitor various vital signs, designed for researchers who deal with problems neurodegenerative company MC10.
TempTranq is designed, however, to monitor children with fever, while Omron, to measure blood pressure at the wrist, as big as one smartwatch.
But also shorts that monitor vital functions, roller skates pushing the wearer to a speed of 19 km per hour, sensors for skis and boots, clothes that change shape if it increases the adrenaline, environmental monitors that detect temperature, humidity , the level of carbon monoxide and breaths per minute, capable of sending video and alerts to parents or relatives.
At Ces also little help for those who are always on a diet thanks to clever dishes that identify the foods, calories detectors, sensors measuring weight, smart belts.
While, for children, wooden letters interactive app for learning and spoons clever convincing to eat vegetables.
Ospedali Regionali wishes a 2016 technology but also in health to you all!