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In Italy safe transfusions. No HIV infection and hepatitis for 10 years

For over ten years, there are no reports of HIV infections and hepatitis following a blood transfusion. He remembers the National Blood Center, a technical body of the Ministry of Health and Competent Authority with functions of coordination and technical and scientific control of the national transfusion system, referring to yesterday's verdict of the Court of Appeal of Rome on compensation.

On every blood donation, remember the CNS, they are carried out tests even molecular, to search for HIV and hepatitis C and B, which have allowed for example in 2015 to find and block 1709 of 1691 positive donors. This level of security is guaranteed by a system based on voluntary donation, periodic, anonymous, responsible and unpaid use for the biological qualification of highly sensitive laboratory tests and a thorough medical screening of blood donors, aimed at exclude subjects for clinical or behavioral reasons are at risk.


"Under such interventions, the residual risk of contracting an infection following a blood transfusion is close to zero, as amply demonstrated by the national surveillance system coordinated by the National Blood Center - says Giancarlo Maria Liumbruno, General Director of the Center -. in the face of more than 3 million blood components transfused each year (8,349 blood components transfused each day), more than ten years in Italy have not been reported post-transfusion infection with HIV, hepatitis B virus and hepatitis C virus . the judicial rulings that are regularly reported by the media refer to transfusions that occurred in the 80s and 90s, when the supervisory system and the same scientific knowledge were very different. "

The data presented by the CNS, confirms Vincenzo Saturni, coordinator pro tempore CIVIS (Coordination interassociation Italian volunteer blood), confirms the important steps taken by Italy in terms of quality and safety, aligning the standards of more developed countries in the health / transfusion field . "The blood Volunteering is also committed every day in the fundamental promotion of healthy lifestyles among volunteer donors and partners, in order to make even higher levels of safety for blood components and plasma-derived products. Thanks to this' action we got 84% of periodicals and associated donors factor that positions us in the leading positions in the world and it is a further indicator of quality and safety. "