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Italy, First National 'Conference promotion and support of breastfeeding'

Yesterday, May 12, 2016, it held the First Italian National Conference "Promotion and support of breastfeeding" at the Ministry of Health, at which was signed in the presence of Minister Beatrice Lorenzin, the document " promotion of the use of breast milk in the Neonatal Care Unit and parents access to departments. joint recommendation interdisciplinary operational Technical Board for the promotion of breastfeeding (TAS), the Italian Society of Neonatology (SIN) and Living Onlus "which aims to:

  1. ensure their parents' access to the neonatal care unit during the hospitalization of their children, providing them with information and support, including on the use of breast milk and / or human;
  2. foster parents stay with their son 24/24 h in order to reduce stress and facilitate feeding with breast milk;
  3. facilitate physical contact between parents and babies;
  4. facilitate the establishment of banks of human milk in hospital-based to increase the use of human milk in the absence of maternal milk, particularly in preterm infants;
  5. help the family to participate in the care and taking clinical decisions affecting their child and in particular its power, hopefully with breast milk and / or human;
  6. promote the dissemination among health care staff to date knowledge on the promotion and use of human milk in the NICU.

During the national conference it was also kicked off the new communication and awareness campaign in 2016 on the promotion of protection and support of breastfeeding by the General Director of Communications and European relations and international Daniela Rodorigo. The slogan of the new campaign is "Breastfeeding - an investment for life" and is intended to promote and support breastfeeding as a natural practice, and vital for the health of the child.

And 'it directed primarily of expectant and new mothers to spread as much as possible this practice and to specialist staff working in the field to better support mothers who ask for help or advice.