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Italy, come the new anti-smoking rules

The new rules, which come into force on February 2, include fines for smoking in cars carrying children or pregnant women and those who throw cigarette butts

Fines of 500 Euros for those who lights a cigarette in a car traveling where children or pregnant women and fines of up to € 300 for those who throw cigarette butts, while the tobacconist that sells packages to minors may be subject to license revocation. Entry into force of the decree of the Ministry of Health that includes the European Union directive on tobacco. A bit 'at a time measures will be introduced on trade and consumption of blondes not seen since the law Sirchia. In 2005, he banned by the way smoking in public places.

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New provisions and obligations in Decree

Were also introduced in the decree such provisions are expressly provided for by the Directive, but strongly supported by the Ministry of Health, as consistent with the objective of ensuring the greatest possible protection for children, including support for the de-normalization of smoking to reduce the 'social acceptance of such behavior.

Measures relating to electronic cigarettes with nicotine

It is a result that is consistent with the aims of the WHO Framework Convention for the Control of tabaccoapprovata in 2005 and became law in Italy in 2008.