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Italy-India, the new partnership

"We signed today in New Dehli an important Memorandum of Understanding between the Italian Ministry of Health and India, led by Minister JP Nadda, for a bilateral collaboration in the Health sector, in the pharmaceutical field, both in the industrial and regulatory fields , but also for cooperation in the training of medical personnel, in nutrition and in research ".

This was stated by the Minister of Health, Beatrice Lorenzin, first of the ministers of the Italian government, after the visit of Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni last month, to travel to India.
Minister Lorenzin led a delegation of representatives of companies in the pharmaceutical, device, university and hospitality sectors.

"This institutional journey - underlined Lorenzin - was fundamental for reviving the partnership between Italy and India in a sector, such as Health, which represents a true excellence of Made in Italy".

"For this reason, in addition to the Memorandum - he concluded - we decided to also activate a permanent Italian-India technical table, at the Italian Embassy in New Delhi, to further strengthen the cooperation between the two countries".