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Leukemia, can cure thanks to a new anti-diabetes

Thanks to a study conducted by an international team it may be possible to come to a turning point to combat chronic myelogenous leukemia.

According to a preliminary research published in 'Nature' by a panel of international researchers, it could cure chronic myeloid leukemia (MCL) with a drug created to treat diabetes in combination with standard therapy used for this condition.

The research was conducted on 24 patients who had had no response to conventional medicines, which the scientists administered along with the standard treatment, pioglitazone, an active ingredient that is typically used in diabetes therapy. After 12 months, more than 50% of patients treated in this way have found improvements and the first three patients following therapy have not seen the cancer recur within five years.

"This study is a demonstration of how the knowledge of the biology of cancer cells may help improve therapy for patients. However it is a preliminary search based on a small number of patients. It will be interesting to see if this combination treatment also works in larger clinical trials, "said the BBC online Peter Johnson, of the charity Cancer Research UK.