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Prevention Week Mental Aging

It 'started the "Prevention Week", September 21 to 26, to fight the mental aging

From 21 to 26 September 2015 in 100 Italian cities it is on the eighth edition of the "Week of Prevention of Aging Mind", promoted by the nonprofit neurologists Assomensana. The initiative involves some 200 specialists (psychologists, neuropsychologists and geriatricians) throughout Italy that open the doors for a week of their professional practices to anyone who requests it, to make a check-up and assess the state of health of cognitive activities.

The check-up is free and consists of a specific test lasting about 45 minutes after which the specialist can give personalized information on the operation of the main cognitive skills, such as memory, attention, concentration, language and so on and provide suggestions on how to keep in top shape their cognitive abilities.

The service is open to anyone who requests it, you can search for a location near you through the interactive map, available at the following link, and then request a reservation directly to the specialist chosen.