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Ubora, the project that unites to innovate #medicaldevices #biomedical #solutionsinnovative #opensourcetechnologies #health

UBORA, is a European project involving European and African bioengineers for the creation of medical devices for low and middle income countries.

The research project is coordinated by the Research Center of the University of Pisa and the entities involved are: Kenyatta University (Kenya), the Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden), the University of Tartu (Estonia), the Technical University of Madrid (Spain), the Uganda Industrial Research Institute (Uganda) and the Estonian company AgileWorks.

The initiative started in January 2017 with funding from the European Union of one million euros and has already led to a virtual platform between Europe and Africa, where the bio-engineers of the two continents can share know-how and resources.

The Ubora platform, on which all the projects are developed, was, in fact, already presented in preview, the public relaise is expected in 2018.

 The theme on which the bioengineers worked this year was that of reducing child mortality and the technological innovations that were born of it were multiple:

These projects were awarded at the end of the first Design School of the UBORA European project, an intensive week of design courses and prototyping of medical devices held at Kenyatta University in Nairobi, Kenya, which saw the participation of forty students coming from various African and European countries. The projects of medical devices are designed according to European safety standards and are open source, they are shared freely for anyone who needs them.

Objectives and aims of the work were illustrated in a meeting with the press by Arti Ahluwalia, professor of the research center "E. Piaggio "of the University of Pisa and coordinator of the project, from the delegate to the Internationalization of the University of Pisa, Francesco Marcelloni and from the councilor of the Embassy of Kenya in Italy, June Chepchirchir Ruto. «UBORA, which in Swahili means" excellence ", should lead to the development of innovative solutions in biomedical engineering, with a significant improvement in training in this field and new stimuli for the economy of the countries involved - explained Professor Ahluwalia - Thanks to the development of a virtual platform between Europe and Africa, we will be able to share new solutions based on open source technologies, aiming for a more balanced distribution of well-being and resources ".

In these two years of the project, the partners are involved in the design and implementation of medical devices based on open source technologies able to give adequate answers to the challenges in the field of health, with great attention to the specificity of the context and for the needs of different countries. The European and African universities involved, with their technological research centers, change the philosophy of open design with safety standards based on European guidelines. The theme of next year will be disability.