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Why an health facility must communicate on the Web?

Foresight is the first word that comes to mind
The growth of the web, such as use by people for information, to book an exam rather than a visit, is now under the eyes of all.
At the moment, by the way, we are living a beautiful "overtaking." Until a few years ago as part of Health the use of internet was marginal compared to the normal advertising media, without speaking as a means to make direct bookings. It was decided to invest in posters, banners, in magazines and in the end most probably worked on by word of mouth.
Now is not enough, both because of the ever increasing differentiation and specialization of the various structures, and then the resulting need for more comprehensive information, it is because we live in a world of 'movement' and that tends to change more easily:
- Shops open / change / close with a higher frequency
- Emigration / immigration Increase
- More people have the opportunity to travel abroad for work or for pleasure
Not to mention that they are changing the habits of users who, in order to optimize the time, prefer electronic use to access the services.
This raises the need for adequate information in healthcare.
Knowing how to communicate is an art, and art is essential if you want to have success.
Not just about appearance, but also to be more efficient: a follower informed speeds up the process, simplifies access (less informative phone calls, less queues for reservations, etc ...)
Through proper communication you can then:
- Increase access
- Increase the Luxury
- Reduce costs
I conclude with a quote from one of the first communicators and trainers that have changed the way we communicate: Dale Carnegie. A phrase that is valid both for the individual but also, in our case, for structures:
 "There are four ways, and only four ways, with whom we are in contact with the world. We are evaluated and classified by these four elements: what we do, how we look, what we say and how we say it. "(Dale Carnegie)