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World diabetes day

November 14 is the World Day for diabetes, which this year is the 25th edition. Over the past 30 years the number of diabetics in the world has doubled

November 14 is the date set by WHO to mark the annual World Diabetes Day, an international event supported by the International Diabetes Federation. An event now in its 25th year. Everywhere in the world events will take place for information and discussion on this disease whose rise was not expected in the past. In fact, the latest data of the "Report Arno Diabetes 2015", prepared by the Italian Society of Diabetology (SID) in collaboration with CINECA, warn that the past 30 years with diabetes worldwide has more than doubled, to date are approximately 5 million are in Italy, of whom one in four does not know to be affected. The annual healthcare expenditure is 15 million euro for the Italian Health Service.

This year, the goal of the communication campaign is aimed mainly at people with diabetes and those nearby, and calls for change, prevention.
During the World Diabetes Day 2015 will be distributed materials dissemination and awareness and will be offered a questionnaire, through a few simple questions, it helps to assess the risk of developing type 2 diabetes in the next few years.

To find out what events were organized and in which squares visit: www.idf.org